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Cremations and Burials

Cremations and Burials

Pet Haven Cemetery and Crematory, Onondaga Hill, New York

"Central New York's most beautiful cemetery for pets"

Private Pet Cremations
"One Pet at a Time, all the time."
We have (3) crematories on site for strictly private, individual cremations. Costs for these services depend on the size and weight of your pet and the type of urn or container you choose. Cremations are usually completed in two to three days but a special 24-hour service is available for an additional charge. Cremains may be picked up at Pet Haven's office, or for a fee will be mailed to your home. We also offer a service, by appointment only, for you to be present while your pet is cremated. 

For more information regarding pricing, or any other questions please call us at 315-469-1212.

"Central New York's most beautiful cemetery for pets"
Cost for all burials depends ultimately on the size of the pet, type of casket, the type of memorial you specify and the location in the Cemetery. Individual and family plots are also available. 

Please call 315-469-1212 for more information regarding burials.

For your convenience, your pet can be picked up at your veterinarians office for a nominal fee, or you may bring your pet to our office at 4501 West Seneca Turnpike in Onondaga Hill, during business hours. 

Please call our office at 315-469-1212 for other options.
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